Cancelled for Calgary: City’s International Auto and Truck Show cancelled for 2023, citing supply chain issues

Calgary, Alberta — The Calgary International Auto and Truck Show has been cancelled for 2023, organizers announced earlier this week, citing supply chain issues that will make it difficult for automotive dealers and aftermarket distributors to partake in the show.

Executive Manager of the Calgary Motor Dealers Association Jim Gillespie said the group had been working to accommodate the challenges, but nothing could be done.

“It was not going to be the show that we would like to produce,” he said. “Unfortunately, it was a tough decision but the association had no choice.”

The Calgary International Auto Show was slated to run from March 8, 2023 through March 12, 2023. The show typically attracts up to 75,000 attendees from across Canada, with OEMs and specialty rides on the show floor.

The Montreal International Auto Show is scheduled for January 20, 2023, through January 29, 2023. The Toronto International Auto Show will run February 17, 2023, through February 26, 2023.


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