A Vancouver woman drove to the ATM, now has to take out a lot more than she originally intended. In Richmond, B.C., police charged a woman hundreds of dollars for driving her white Audi onto a pedestrian-only parkway at the Brighouse Skytrain Station. She claims to have not seen the multiple “Do Not Enter” signs and that she was in a hurry. Along with hundreds of dollars in fines, she also got four demerit points taken off her license. The incident started a debate on Twitter on whether there should be barriers to make it more obvious to drivers that they are not allowed to park there, while some say that it should be obvious with the multiple signs up already.


A sportswear shop owner in Victoria, B.C., got the surprise of his life when a Chevy Trailblazer smashed through his storefront window. Phil Nichols, who owns the 2:18 Run, a sporting goods store, was working when all of a sudden he felt the whole building shake.“At first I really thought there was some kind of crazy earthquake happening,” said Nicholls. “Then came the glass smashing. That was the sound. There was no one in the store, thank heavens.” Luckily, no one was injured due to the crash, but Victoria police are still investigating why the crash happened.


Toronto Police found a mysterious vehicle in the Humber River, which is believed to have been underwater for more than 25 years, as the vehicle was reported stolen back in the 90s. Jordan Marushiak, a real estate agent, is the one that spotted the vehicle while he was showing one of his clients a condo nearby. Marushiak ended up conducting a doit- yourself investigation on the vehicle and posted a video of it to his YouTube Channel. The video was titled, Car Underwater Lake Ontario, Part One, and it showed Marashiak using an underwater camera to get up-close images of the vehicle.




A Dairy Queen and a Speedy Auto Glass Facility have been competing in a sign war in Listowel, Ontario. The competition began in late April with Speedy Auto Glass writing on their sign: “Hey DQ, wanna have a sign war?” and DQ responded with: “You bet your glass we do.” The funny exchange between the two stores lasted for a few days and also started sign wars all around the country. Businesses from out east like Charlottetown, P.E.I. to out west in Victoria, B.C. have been participating in some light-hearted sign wars with their neighbours.


It’s pretty rare for a car to hit your house once, but having two cars crash into your home within one year is almost unheard of. Richard Campbell’s home, however, has defied all odds. Unlike lightning, which doesn’t strike in the same place twice, his home was struck by a car two times this year. With the second incident occurring in May. Campbell’s house is located near what locals refer to as the Duck Pond turn, a sharp turn on Union Highway in Scottsville, N.S. According to the Cape Breton Post there is a sign warning drivers to slow to 35 kilometres per hour before the turn near his house— however it is clear not everyone is following these rules— as indicated by the extensive damage to Campbell’s home. Currently, there is a large chunk of the foundation missing from Campbell’s home and some of the drywall is cracked in the interior. The siding of his home was also damaged in both collisions, as well as two of his vehicles.

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