Celebrating 20 years this month, ProColor Collision accelerates its expansion across Canada with a strong focus on technology and franchise development

“If you are not where you want to be, do not quit, instead reinvent yourself and change your habits.” – Motivational speaker Eric Thomas.

ProColor Collision perhaps lives and breathes this vision. Over the years, the brand has gained a hard-fought reputation as a disruptor in the aftermarket franchise industry where it has successfully reinvented the notion of a traditional body shop and created the collision repair facilities of tomorrow.

This month, the well-known Canadian collision repair franchise brand celebrates 20 years in business. It’s been a transformative journey fi lled with defying expectations and evolving the repair game to ensure that its franchisees remain profi table and deliver on what our customers expect. This is just one reason why the iconic brand has continued to grow over the years, fi rst across Canada and now the United States.

ProColor Collision has come a long way since its beginnings in Quebec, where it has captured the hearts and minds of its franchisees by making smart decisions that have protected its “family of shop owners”. Two years back, Fix Network World purchased the Quebeconly ProColor Collision from its original owners, Uni-Select, and introduced it across Canada with great success.

When ProColor Collision made its debut outside of Quebec, independent repair shops in the country were quick to notice the benefi ts of aligning themselves with the young and hungry brand. In Canada, with 175 locations and growing, ProColor Collision is a top contender for collision repair network of choice.

Steve Leal, President and CEO of Fix Network World, attributes ProColor Collision’s success to its strong focus on training, technology and talent. “It’s an opportunity to celebrate,” he says. “In just 20 years, ProColor Collision has emerged as one of the fastest growing aftermarket names in the world. I thank our customers and our franchise partners for their trust and loyalty – especially in these extraordinary times.”

As collision repairers everywhere look to ramp up their revenues and remain profitable, aligning with an established brand such as ProColor Collision has become increasingly important. “We help our franchisees to reinvent their operations from their traditional format so that their teams remain on top of new automotive technologies. This is in essence the power of our global network,” Leal explains.

“The aftermarket industry is always evolving, and at Fix Network World, we are always trying to keep one step ahead of the evolution taking place in the automotive sector,” Leal points out. “As a franchise leader, we are out there equipping our people with the latest knowledge and support to help them repair vehicles safely and to OEM standards. Reinvention can never stop.”

In North America, ProColor Collision has largely benefited from Fix Network’s successful franchise development strategy that provides technology, marketing and operational support to its franchisees, regardless of the size of their operations. In addition, franchise partners can leverage its established relationships with global insurers, suppliers, and fleet companies.

Brand affinity remains one of ProColor Collision’s strongest points. Over 35 shops that joined the network continue to be fierce advocates of the brands even 20 years later. As John Pierre Landry, owner of the Quebec-based ProColor Collision Drummondville, one of the first to join ProColor points out, “Our growth continues because the quality of our service and our proximity to the ProColor Collision family. With the support of the franchise network, we can certainly uphold our reputation to be ‘the best of the best’.”

“As a franchise leader, we are out there equipping our people with the latest knowledge and support to help them repair vehicles safely and to OEM standards. Reinvention can never stop.”
- Steve Leal​

Another Quebec location, ProColor Collision Mirabel, continues to report year-onyear growth after aligning its operations with ProColor 20 years ago. Its owner Eric Therien says, “It was in 2001 that our family business, Garage JC Thérien, which is now being operated by the third generation of the family, met with ProColor Collision. After many discussions, we came to the obvious conclusion that our vision and values were aligned, and we therefore decided to embark on the ProColor adventure.”

Therien’s family started operations with only 15 employees and, in their first year with ProColor, the business touched $1.8 million in annual revenues. Currently, the location has maintained an annual revenue of around $6.5 million while doubling the number of employees.

Erick Leblond, owner of ProColor Collision Varennes, is proud that he took the right decision to join ProColor, saying the association has helped his business reach the next level. “I have been in the collision repair business for over 30 years, and I have found that ProColor has helped my business to achieve the visibility and growth that it needed,” he points out. “I have been with ProColor since the beginning and have personally witnessed how the ProColor team has supported us in building the shop of our dreams.”

Stephane Berube, who owns ProColor Collision Quebec East, believes the rapid changes in the automotive industry was one of the reasons for him to align his family’s 70-year-old business with the ProColor franchise. The shop is one of the largest and most advanced collision repair facilities in Quebec serving over 3,000 customers every year.

“Client satisfaction is the driving force behind our longevity,” he says. “At our workshop, the expertise of three generations of family members, combined with ProColor Collision’s knowhow resulted in tangible success, allowing us to quadruple our growth and revenues. business has quadrupled since we first bared the brand’s colours.”

Steve Leal says that there is much more work to do. “We foresee many opportunities for ProColor Collision in North America. A 20-year anniversary is a great milestone to look ahead and develop a vision for the future. However, our ambitions are higher – we want to firmly establish our brand as a natural partner for collision shops and insurance providers. I would say, we are just getting started!”


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