Bots and Builders: Tesla to automate fascia inspections in Fremont factory

California, United States — Tesla has expanded the use of automated assembly robots to its Fremont factory, following the City of Fremont granting Tesla a permit to install “power and structural anchorage to support two new robots required to automate fascia inspection.”

According to a Drive Tesla Canada, this decision may have come from build quality complaints regarding Fremont factory vehicles—a contrast to newer factories which use quality control robots, automatically scanning vehicles for various deficiencies.

A source familiar with plans informed Drive Tesla Canada that these robots are produced by EINES, a company that develops automated systems suited for measurement, error detection and machine vision in the automotive manufacturing sphere.

Based on the permit description, it is likely that the vehicle’s front components will be automatically scanned for quality control. It is unknown whether Tesla plans to further automate other segments of the Fremont factory’s assembly process, from alignment scans to component assembly.


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