Bill & Sons Towing puts comedic face on industry

By Andrew Ardizzi

Left to right: Tony Lombardo, Dave Brennan, Eric Toth and Jon Smith of The Imponderables.  

Hamilton, Ontario — May 9, 2014 — Employees at any workplace can quickly become a family, even more so when it so happens the employees actually happen to be a family. That familial dynamic is amplified ten-fold when we’re talking about four brothers running their father’s towing business. All of a sudden everything you’d ever expect from four brothers in such close proximity becomes reality, icing the cake of a hilariously comedic situation on the towing-based web series Bill & Sons Towing.

“I grew up on story ideas focusing on brothers and families. I grew up with two brothers as well, and it’s just such an interesting dynamic with brothers,” says Mark De Angelis, the web series’ co-creator and head writer.

Bill & Sons Towing stars the members of the comedy troupe The Imponderables–Jon Smith, Eric Toth, Dave Brennan and Tony Lombardo–as Jon, Eric, Dave and Tony Vanderchuck, four brothers who took over their father’s towing business following a heart attack. For De Angelis, he’d always been interested in writing a TV or web-based series centred in the world of towing, so when the opportunity came to work with The Imponderables to further develop what would become the series, De Angelis jumped at the chance.

“I’m a big fan of shows like Taxi or Cheers, that show that’s sort of just set in one location,” he says. “I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of towing guys. No matter what they do they start off their day being hated by everybody in the world.”

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