CARSTAR and Miller’s Auto Recycling present vehicle to family in need

Hamilton, Ontario — May 12, 2014 — A completely restored 2010 Ford Focus was presented by CARSTAR to a local family at the 95th anniversary celebration for Community Care in St. Catharines, Ont.

Community members gathered to celebrate the longstanding history of Community Care, a non-profit organization that provides vital services and assistance to individuals and families that meet their basic needs and help bridge their journey to self-sufficiency. They also came togethert to witness a heartwarming moment. Robert West, a single father of two children living in St. Catharines, was the deserving recipient of the completely refurbished vehicle that was generously donated by Miller’s Auto Recycling and refurbished by CASTAR St. Catharines.
From left: Sean McCooey of Miller’s Auto Recycling, Jeff Moriarty and Steve Sytchouk of CARSTAR, the West family, representatives of Community Care and Natalie Miller of Miller’s Auto Recycling.   
Members of Community Care were encouraged to submit an essay speaking to “A new vehicle would enhance my life because…” From approximately 40 applicants, West was selected by CARSTAR and announced at the event itself with much celebration from the family.
West and his young son, aged five, and daughter, aged three, were in need of a reliable car. The son suffers from a rare condition called Hallermann–Streiff syndrome that affect growth and development of the cranium, hair and teeth. In addition to this syndrome, West takes his son to a team of doctors for his son’s vision and respiratory conditions.
“This is such a great partnership, because we get to help amazing people like Robert whose full-time job is taking care of his son and daughter,” says Jeff Moriarty, Regional Manager for CARSTAR in the Niagara region. “This is the second year of this partnership for CARSTAR, and because we see the huge impact it has on the community, it is something that we will continue to be involved in.”
West moved from Winnipeg, Man. to be closer to specialized care for his son. A new car is a blessing for a family that makes regular trips from St. Catharines to McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton and Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.
To further support the family, a gift certificate equal to one year’s insurance premiums for the vehicle will be supplied by Young’s Insurance and a $500 gift card for the maintenance of the vehicle will be provided by Q/Max Auto Care.
“A refurbished car is an invaluable resource to a family like Robert’s,” says Betty-Lou Souter, CEO of Community Care. “The gift of one car, just this one act, means the world to our members. We thank CARSTAR for demonstrating “The Power of One” and supporting our community.”

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