Can you believe this?! – Jan. 17, 2019

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario — January 17, 2019 –- It’s been quite the week for unbelievable stories. Collision Repair has prepared the top three wild stories of the week which includes an instance of a toddler flying out of a moving car and footage of an elderly woman having the ride of her life.


Baby Off Board

Strap yourselves in your seat for this one, because it’s pretty unbelievable. Dash cam footage from a vehicle in Minnesota captured the moment of a toddler falling out of the moving vehicle while still strapped in her car seat. When closely identifying the video, it shows that the back-passenger car door opening and the two-year-old rolling out of the vehicle as it turned a corner on a street. A witness was driving behind the car and stopped his vehicle, running to the child. “If it didn’t happen in front of me, I’d never have believed it… the child was OK,” the man said in a Facebook post.

The mother driving didn’t realize what had happened and kept driving until she realized her little girl wasn’t strapped in the back seat anymore. Police say that the child was properly strapped into the car seat, but the car seat wasn’t properly fastened into the vehicle. It is still unclear as to how the car door even opened in the first place. But reports say the child was not injured.



Gassy Disaster

A vehicle in Newfoundland stopped to get some fuel but forgot to take the pump out of their gas tank, causing quite the mess. The driver filled up his vehicle’s tank with diesel fuel and didn’t put the hose back, causing it to break creating a huge mess. The fire department claims that it’s impossible to identify how much fuel had been spilt. But in their efforts to clean up the spill firefighters had to use bags of kitty litter. Authorities are still on the lookout of who caused this mess.



Wild Ride

A 74-year-old driver is lucky to be alive after she sped right through an intersection and eventually went airborne before somersaulting down a hill. Her vehicle just missed another car before streaming 30 feet down a steep embankment. Many witnesses on the road saw the accident and ran to help her. It was also noted that debris from the vehicle was all down the hill, including the front bumper. The driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Police are still investigating the incident.



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