Saskatchewan auto repair association joins the SCRS

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario — January 17, 2019 — The Saskatchewan Association of Automotive Repairers (SAAR) is the most recent Canadian association to become affiliated with the largest trade organization representing collision repairers in North America, the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS).

The SAAR is a non-profit organization of automotive repairers and associated firms who focus on the development of the industry in all its aspects. While also representing the collision repair industry to the crown insurer, Saskatchewan Government Insurance and the public, they also provide programs, training and membership meetings and conferences.

Former owner of Parr Auto Body and chairman for the Canadian Collision Industry Forum, Tom Bissonnette has been the executive director for the SAAR since 2017.

“SAAR is probably one of the more active provincial autobody associations throughout Canada, and we want to be the ones setting the standard of what a provincial association in the industry should like,” said Bissonnette in an exclusive interview with Collision Repair in 2017.

With more and more complex technologies entering the market, collision repairers must learn how to adjust.

“Our industry is going through disruptive changes and SAAR is looking to provide its members with as much information & training as we possibly can to help them make the necessary changes in their business in order to survive and thrive,” he said in a statement.

Bissonette explained that he thinks becoming affiliated with the SCRS will help the Saskatchewan collision repair community thrive in these changes.

“After being associated with SCRS through events like CIC and SEMA,” Bissonette continued, “we have concluded that connecting with our counterparts in the U.S., and affiliating with SCRS will give our members a great conduit to information that will help them meet the demands of the fast-changing collision industry.”

The SCRS has been the largest national trade association since 1982, representing over 6,000 collision repair businesses and 58,500 specialized professionals who work to repair damaged vehicles. Its sole purpose is to provide a strong presence of industry professionals in order to create a better future for the trade.

“The fact that the work developed by our organization has international appeal, to associations and across our borders, further reinforces the global challenges that face our industry and the hope that lies in addressing those challenges through collaboration and communication. As that network of communication grows, both through added Affiliate Associations and through the addition of individual locations, the stronger the industry becomes as a result,” added Kyle Yeung, SCRS Chairman.

For more information about SCRS, visit their website at scrs.com.


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