Axalta releases improved paint colour matching app

The newly improved paint matching app from Axalta Coating Systems.
By CRM Staff
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — February 14, 2018 — Axalta Coating Systems recently updated their colour matching app Axalta Axs. The update is said to improve the app’s colour selection with new liquid options. 
The backlash to the update announcement has been swift, however, with one commenter wondering, “how it will compare to the Quantum EFX and some basic Spectra Master chips.” 
Axalta has already provided a response to naysayers, however, with Kristen Boyd, Axalta’s marketing manager for powder products noting, “Our new and exciting colour matching app provides the powder coating industry with a quick and simple way to scan a colour and select the best Axalta match. The technology embedded in Axs will save customers time and provide quicker and easier colour selections.”
The app allows users to select a colour for matching using the camera on their phone. It seems as simple as a point and select. The app will then generate the closest paint match it can. According to the company, the app is pre-loaded with thousands of liquid and power paint colour matches. Once the app has matched the colour, the user is then able to request colour chip samples. The app also allows users to browse the colour library provided by Axalta. 
For more information, visit play.google.com or itunes.apple.com.

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