VIDEO: Autobody student saves two children after collision

By Andrew Ardizzi

Jessica Anderson saved two young children from an overturned minivan. Photo captured from Calgary Herald video.  

Calgary, Alberta — April 15, 2013 — An autobody student competing in a regional event for the World Skills competition pulled two young children from a flipped minivan after it was part of a t-bone collision.

Jessica Anderson, 18, was preparing to compete in a bumper repair challenge during the autobody competition when a pedestrian burst into the room saying there had been a serious roll-over just outside the school near Centre Avenue and 19th Street in Calgary, Alta.

The van, which had rolled onto its side from the impact’s force, housed a young boy aged four and his six-month-old sister.

Being the only person who could fit inside the van, Anderson, who was still wearing her heavy duty safety gloves, entered the flipped vehicle. With broken glass scattered around the vehicle, she freed the infant who was still strapped into her car seat and moved her outside before returning to the van to free her older brother. The boy was tangled in his own seatbelt, but that didn’t prevent Anderson from freeing him too as she ultimately carried the thankful little boy to safety.

A minivan housing a father and his two children was t-boned in an intersection. The van rolled with the passengers inside, with only the father sustaining minor injuries. Photo captured from Calgary Herald video.  

Neither child suffered injuries, although their father suffered minor injuries from the crash. Authorities believe the children were saved from harm because they were both secured in their car seats.

Police are investigating the cause of the collision and are trying to determine whether one of the vehicles ran a red light.


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