AkzoNobel launches new Sikkens Matte Select

Norcross, Georgia — October 31, 2013 — AkzoNobel has announced the arrival of its new Sikkens Matte Select Additive. The company says it is an innovative technology additive for Sikkens clearcoats that permits shops unparalleled capability to confidently repair OEM low gloss finishes. 

AkzoNobel says it is suitable for all VOC regulatory environments, and unlike other contemporary solutions, Sikkens Matte Select can be used with virtually all Sikkens clears. The company also says this additive approach reduces shop clearcoat inventory, eliminates the learning curve for spraying a new clearcoat and prevents disruption of shop standardized procedures due to use of another topcoat. AkzoNobel says its uniform gloss control and crystal clarity during application make Sikkens Matte Select the ideal choice for all matte finish jobs ranging from spot repair to a complete re-spray.    
“The matte look started as a fad with hot rods. It was picked up by supercars and now the look is moving into the mainstream,” said Dhruv Parekh AkzoNobel North American Sikkens Product Manager. “The matte finish was once something relegated to just a specialty finish. Today, we see matte finish usage moving into mainstream cars. It is our job to make sure that our distributors and their customers using the Sikkens brand are ready for any refinish circumstance.”

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