A Clearer Picture: CMT expands DriveWell platform to access connected vehicle data

Cambridge, Massachusetts — Global telematics provider Cambridge Mobile Telematics announced on Wednesday that its DriveWell platform has been expanded to provide access to connected vehicle data from over 20 automakers in North America and Europe.

Access to the data of connected vehicles checks another box on the list of IoT (Internet of Things) devices that CMT’s DriveWell platform uses to gather sensor data, which includes smartphones, proprietary Tags, dashcams and third-party devices.

“There is a wave of innovative IoT data sources coming that will be critical to understanding driving risk and lowering crash rates. CMT fuses these disparate data sources to produce a unified view of driving,” said CMT founder and CTO, Hari Balakrishnan.

“Fusion is the only way to unify everyday driving behaviours across vehicles and drivers in a policy. For example, a family that wants a telematics program may have both connected and unconnected vehicles. You need fusion to give them a consistent customer experience.”

With this latest expansion, CMT says they will be able to begin identifying VIN-based risk factors that help insurers “create a more holistic view of driver and vehicle risk,” according to the company’s press release. These factors include verified VIN, verified mileage, garaging information and vehicle-specific factors.

CMT projects that the total number of global IoT devices will surpass 27 billion by 2025.


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