EV/AV Report: May 3, 2021

Toronto, Ontario – In this week’s electric and autonomous vehicle report, EV incentives in PEI go live to high praise, General Motors launches new EV charging platform and 12 U.S. governors call for a ban on internal combustion engines by 2035. EV Island Drivers on PEI are officially eligible for what is being called the […]

Justice Served: Winnipeg man charged for arson in million-dollar bodyshop fire

Winnipeg, Manitoba ⁠— Winnipeg police have laid arson charges against a man in relation to a million-dollar fire at an autobody shop in Feb. 2020.  Henry’s Provencher Autobody and Frameworks suffered a devastating fire last winter, which resulted in significant damage to the St. Boniface, Man. business last winter. The structure and all of its […]

Brighter Days: Output of U.S. recycling sector up 6.4 percent

Washington, D.C. ⁠— The resilience of the global recycling industry was showcased last week at the Institue of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) annual conference and exposition stage as organization President Robin Wiener said U.S. recycling industry output is up 6.4 percent from pre-pandemic levels. “As the industry gathers virtually for our ISRI 2021 annual convention this […]

Faultless Future: ICBC to roll out no-fault platform this weekend

Victoria, British Columbia — The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is gearing up for the launch of its hotly debated no-fault claims platform on Saturday, following months of criticism from the province’s legal community. The platform, which ICBC expects will save drivers as much as $400 per year, is seen by those within the […]

Just Learned Photoshop: Alberta driver pulled over with printed-out license plate

Edmonton, Alberta — Fashion, technology, fathers—these are all things that come and go in life. But what never leaves? Human will and ingenuity. An Edmonton, Alta. driver was pulled over by police early in March, initially for having a tinted license plate cover that they were using to obscure the truly dastardly deception. What was […]

The Goods on Glass: U.S.-based safety council looks to build crash data

Washington, D.C. — The U.S.-based Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) is working to improve the collection of data regarding windshield failures in collisions, according to a press release from April 23. According to AGSC, documenting the role of a windshield has not traditionally been a high priority for crash investigators. In an effort to shift […]

In the Rearview: AIA Canada releases 2020 Annual Report

Ottawa, Ontario ⁠— Following the organization’s annual general meeting earlier this week, the Automotive Industries Association of Canada has released its 2020 Annual Report. The 2020 Annual Report is the association’s ‘highlight reel’ of successes in the face of the unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic. The report outlines AIA Canada’s mission and progress […]