Just Learned Photoshop: Alberta driver pulled over with printed-out license plate

Edmonton, Alberta — Fashion, technology, fathers—these are all things that come and go in life. But what never leaves? Human will and ingenuity.

An Edmonton, Alta. driver was pulled over by police early in March, initially for having a tinted license plate cover that they were using to obscure the truly dastardly deception.

What was under the cover was not actually an Alberta license plate, but a printed out photo of one. *Chef’s kiss*

Const. Chantelle Kelly of the RCMP spoke to CTV news about the incident that happened near Leduc, Alta.

“The officer spoke to the driver who admitted to not having registration or insurance and that the plate was actually a piece of paper, with a made up number, printed on paper at home and placed onto a vanity plate ‘I (Heart) My Car’ and hidden behind the tinted cover,” said Kelly.

According to Kelly, reports of these illegal tinted plate covers have been on the rise in the Edmonton area. They are often used to obscure license plates from red light cameras and speed traps.

The driver faces $2,000 in fines and another potential minimum fine of $3,000 if convicted in court for having no insurance.


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