The Goods on Glass: U.S.-based safety council looks to build crash data

Washington, D.C. — The U.S.-based Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) is working to improve the collection of data regarding windshield failures in collisions, according to a press release from April 23.

According to AGSC, documenting the role of a windshield has not traditionally been a high priority for crash investigators. In an effort to shift the standard, the safety organization is beginning to work with the Governer’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA) to bring the matter to the attention of law enforcement and find a path toward better documentation.

“The Auto Glass Safety Council is working to meet the challenge of developing pilot programs that will assist in the collection of data that will empirically show the impact of faulty windshield installation and recalibration errors in vehicle crashes and the resulting injuries,” said Seth Maiman, AGSC Director of Public Affairs.

The organization recently participated in a GHSA webinar that focused on the role of drones aiding crash investigators, allowing the merging of drone imaging technologies with ground measures as well as assisting in the redirection of traffic away from collision sites.



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