What Are the Chances: Cape Breton resident’s home struck by two cars in single year

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia — It’s pretty rare for a car to hit your house once, but having two cars crash into your home within one year is almost unheard of. 

Richard Campbell’s home, however, has defied all odds. Unlike lightning, which doesn’t strike in the same place twice, his home was struck by a car two times this year. With the second incident occurring just last week.  

“Cars aren’t like lightning, I guess,” he told the Cape Breton Post. “I don’t know anybody who’s had their house hit by a car, let alone twice.”

Campbell’s house is located near what locals refer to as the Duck Pond turn, a sharp turn on Union Highway in Scottsville, N.S. 

According to the Cape Breton Post there is a sign warning drivers to slow to 35  kilometres per hour before the turn near his house— however it is clear not everyone is following these rules— as indicated by the extensive damage to Campbell’s home. 

Currently, there is a large chunk of the foundation missing from Campbell’s home and some of the drywall is cracked in the interior. The siding of his home was also damaged in both collisions, as well as two of his vehicles. 

No one was injured in either accident, but Campbell says it’s only a matter of time before someone is injured or killed.

Local residents have contacted the Department of Transportation and Active Transit about the situation and have asked for a guardrail and more signs to be put in place.


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