Online videos help download enthusiasm at CSN-Automacs Collision

The team at CSN-Automacs watches a video after the daily production meeting. It's helped to bring enthusiasm to the grassroots.

By Mike Davey

Oakville, Ontario — February 19, 2016 — There’s a lot to be said for enthusiasm. Attending an event like a meeting of the Canadian Collision Industry Forum (CCIF) or NACE is an almost guaranteed way to get yourself fired up and ready to tackle new challenges. But how do you pass along that enthusiasm to the other members of your team?

Adrian Ingoglia of CSN-Automacs Collision has hit on a solution.

“I was really influenced by the knowledgeable presentation that Mike Anderson of Collision Advice did at the recent CCIF,” says Ingoglia. “I shared the experience with my team and some of them started to do some research on him, and we found that there was an opportunity to bring it right into the facility.”

Ingoglia points out that business owners and managers are often privy to the conferences, meetings and conversations about the industry, but there’s a challenge to effectively sharing that information with staff.

“I think a lot of shop owners have that challenge,” he says. “We attend these meetings, training seminars or conferences, but it’s sharing it with our team that’s of extreme value.”

Ingoglia and his team found a fairly simple method for doing just that. By utilizing a laptop computer and projector, they’ve started watching some of the numerous videos available from Anderson and other industry speakers that are available on YouTube.

“We’ve started doing this periodically after our daily production meetings and the results have been incredible,” says Ingoglia. “My staff is engaged and really feel that they’re part of something. It’s also proven to be a motivator to our continued training.”

There are numerous videos on YouTube that could be of use in a collision repair facility. You can get started with the complete list of Mike Anderson’s videos at youtube.com/user/collisionadvice/videos.

“I think I can say that the team members are always looking forward to the next video. I’m proud of them for becoming engaged, which helps us all move to the next level,” says Ingoglia. 

For more information on CSN-Automacs Collision, please visit automacscollision.com


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