Tuesday Ticker: 54 percent votes in favour of Unifor-Ford deal; CADA teases progress in ZEV mandate talks with government

Toronto, Ontario — In this weekly Tuesday Ticker economics report, we delve into some of the details of Ford and Unifor’s recently ratified agreement, while the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association teases potential progress in conversations with the federal government re: ZEV mandates.

Fifty-four percent in favour

The tentatively struck agreement made between Unifor and Ford on Sept. 19 has been ratified, with 54 percent of some 5,600 members voting in  favour of the deal.

Vote tallies were not released, but the three-year deal locks in wage gains, pension improvements and expansions at a Windsor, Ont. Ford production site.

Unifor president said the union pushed Ford for a deal that would “change lives in a profound way.”

Workers that have been with the automaker for four years or more will see a 13.6 rise in pay following the ratification; longtime workers will earn approximately $5 more per hour, reported Automotive News Canada, which also stated that two- and three-percent wage hikes will be included at the start of the second and third years of the deal.

New workers will see further gains; starting wages will be 22 percent higher than previous rates.

CADA chats

While the federal government has proven to be unwavering in the adjustment of its ZEV mandate, which aims for 100 percent of new vehicle sales to be zero-emissions by 2035, the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) has had “productive” conversations regarding “smart” flexibilities in the pending sales requirements, according to a report from Automotive News Canada.

The organization said that officials have listened to suggestions in dealer support regarding pricy infrastructure requirements and the potential of nixing the recently-introduced luxury tax on ZEVs to encourage further adoption.

The federal government is set to publish a final version of its ZEV mandate before the end of 2023.

CADA previously tried to get Ottawa to slow the implementation mandate or throw it out entirely. Now, the organization is hoping for support in infrastructure for automotive dealers and beyond.



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