Truckwrecks: Recovery team called to pull half-frozen Silverado out of river north of Fort McMurray

Fort Chipewyan, Alberta — In the latest edition of Collision Repair’s ongoing segment, “Will that truck fall through the ice?”; the answer was once again, yes.

This time, the Saskatchewan-based Big Ice removal service was called in to Fort Chipewyan, north of Fort McMurray, to pull a partially sunk Chevrolet Silverado out of a fast-moving river, taking a massive slab of ice frozen on the hood of the truck along with it.

Naturally, Big Ice posted photos of the recovery to their Facebook to help further document this rash of pickup truck drownings.

Big Ice Services recovery team was sent up north of Fort McMurray to Fort Chipewyan to recover this partially sunk truck…

Posted by Big Ice Services on Monday, 22 March 2021

Remember, the next time you see a pickup truck parked on a frozen body of water and you think to yourself, “Will that truck fall through the ice?”, the answer might not surprise you.


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