Treschak Enterprises moves to expand warehouse

A view of the new warehouse being stocked. Treschak Enterprises had to move to a new location to expand.

By Jeff Sanford

Welland, Ontario — January 11, 2016 — One of central Canada’s largest jobbers, Treschak Enterprises, has just announced it is moving to a new location. According to the company’s owner and founder Don Treschak, the business has outgrown its old location and needed a new warehouse.

“We’re doubling the square footage,” said Treschak in an interview with Collision Repair magazine. “Like our customers, we’re on a journey. We needed a better facility to service them. We needed the space. This new warehouse is going to give us that.”

The new warehouse will be located just ten kilometres from the old one in Welland. Still situated in the Niagara peninsula region, the new home of the company is in the city of Fonthill, a quiet community just north of Welland.

“We have a Fonthill address, but a Welland phone number. We’re right at the junction,” says Treschak. “After 34 years in business, this is our fourth move. At our last place, we kept taking up more space. Eventually the landlord ran out of space. We had to move.”

Treshak Enterprises employs 22 people throughout the region. The company does business through Toronto and north of the city.

“My competitors come down here. We go up there. We need to stay competitive,” he says. “I guess we are one of the larger ones. We’re strictly business-to-business now. We dropped retail a couple years ago.”

Back in June, Collision Repair magazine reported on the implementation of a pioneering new distribution system the company had installed. At that time Treschak Enterprises announced it was rolling out the industry’s first “pull” inventory management system for collision repair centres. In an interview with Collision Repair magazine at that time, Jamie Treschak of Treschak Enterprises explained how the new “lean” inventory management was a first in the industry. Known as a Mobile Depot system, the firm was outfitting supply rooms in collision centres with an Internet-connected bar-code system that allowstechnicians to self check-out items. Inventory ismonitored over the Internet. When supplies are low, replacements are sent automatically before the shortages become a hindrance to productivity.

For more information, please visit treschak.com.


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