Friday Fun: Toyota’s sky high innovation

By Jordan Porter

Toronto, Ontario – September 27, 2018 — New technology has drastically transformed the automotive world in so many ways in the past ten years. With fully electric vehicles, enhanced connectivity, and autonomous self-driving vehicles just around the corner, there seems to be no end to the imagination and ingenuity of today’s auto makers.

Last week, Collision Repair reported that Toyota is set to release mirrorless vehicles in the higher end Lexus SE sedans.

This week, Toyota has set the bar even higher – we’re talking really high. The innovative auto giant has filed a patent for the concept of a real life flying car, and it looks like something the Wright brothers may have crumpled up and threw to the side.

Here’s how it works. The concept is designed to operate as a land vehicle that has the capability to take off, fly, and land as an aircraft. According to the patent schematics, when you engage flight mode, the wheels will turn upwards, then open up into rotor blades and begin to spin for takeoff.

The wheels/ blades are set to be electrically powered however, the specifics of how is still unclear.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, lets remember that we’re not in the world of Bladerunner just yet. Toyota has merely applied for the patent so who knows if they will ever get this project off the ground (literally). But with other automakers dabbling in the world of flying personal vehicles, Toyota may just be the first to commercialize this game changing innovation.

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