Lexus Releases Mirrorless Cars

By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario – September 17, 2018 – Last week, Toyota Motors announced that their mirrorless concept car will be available for sale late October in Japan. The automaker said that the side mirrors of higher-grade Lexus SE sedans will be replaced by small cameras, with the addition of a monitor on the inside of the vehicle on both sides. 
The cameras offer a number of features including expanded views during turns or when backing up, enhanced video imaging for night time driving, and complete protection from both condensation and water droplets from rain. 
Due to this drastic augmentation of a safety feature, Toyota says that they will be keeping a close eye on any malfunction so that dealers and consumers are well aware of any issues and issue prompt recalls for repair if necessary. On top of this, safety regulations have been revised by the European Union, as well as Japans Transport Ministry.
One stipulation of the new tech is that the monitors inside the vehicle must be mounted in a place similar to where a conventional mirror would be.
While the cameras on the outside are very sleek and aesthetically pleasing, Toyota also says that the new cameras will take up less space which will improve forward visibility, as well as cut down on wind noise.
A number of higher end auto giants such as BMW, Volkswagen Group, and Nissan Motors have been toying with similar innovations, however Toyota will be the first group to commercialize this technology.

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