Tools and Rules: asTech updates introduce ‘shop rules’ feature, alternate tool options

Toronto, Ontario — The latest updates to Repairify Inc.’s  asTech diagnostic scanning technology aim to provide repair facilities with workflow solutions that are specifically catered to meet a business’ unique needs, as well as open up some flexibility in tool choice for repairers.

Among the most notable additions to the software is the introduction of asTech’s patented “Rules Engine” technology which allows repair facilities to set their diagnostic equipment within specific parameters, such as those stipulated by an OEM repair certification or direct repair agreement.

The software is also capable of determining the best scan tool for any given job, using the vehicle’s VIN, and can even inform a technician of instances where an alternate OEM-compatible scan tool can safely be used in place of a first-party OEM scan tool.

The company says its “enhanced” asTech suite reduces key-to-key times while keeping repair facilities in-line with requirements set up by OEMs and repair agreements.

“This combination of technology and expertise helps us fulfill our mission of offering customers choice with confidence,” said Repairify Inc. president Cris Hollingsworth.

“By simplifying complex repairs, we address talent shortages and shorten repair cycle times, ultimately helping the customer’s bottom line. asTech’s expanded capabilities automate decisions and allows our customers to pick the right tool for the right job. Shop managers can have heightened confidence that asTech will help them make the best recommendation, with the added benefit of remote support from over 400 certified asTech technicians.”

Attendees to this year’s SEMA Show 2022 in Las Vegas will be able to see the new and improved asTech suite on the show floor at booth #31201 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, from Nov. 1 to 4.

Collision Repair reached out to asTech via email to confirm the availability and rollout of these updates to Canadian repairers; the company has yet to confirm. More details to come.

UPDATE 9/20: A spokesperson for asTech has confirmed to Collision Repair that these updates will be made available to Canadian repairers.


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