Thin Skinned: Lucid Air coating too thin for polishing, says auto shop

Photo by Out of Spec Detailing

Fort Collins, Colorado — An American vehicle detailing shop has an interesting discovery—the OEM coating on a new Lucid Air Grand Touring is so thin that polishing can damage the paint.

According to a Youtube video by Out of Spec Detailing, the Lucid Air’s Grand Touring paint was too thin to even polish. In fact, paint thickness measurements regularly scored below 3mm but went as low as 2.24mm.

For context, most vehicle coatings vary between 4 to 7mms—enough for a polishing abrasive material to polish scratches away.

Nevertheless, a solution was found. The Out of Spec Detailing team used a paint protection film to cover scratches, and highlighted vinyl wrapping as another possibility.

However, Collision Repair Magazine is unable to verify the accuracy of the readings

Do you have any ideas or methods for working with exceptionally thin coatings? Let us know in the comments below. 


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