With EV expertise and top tools, Royal Auto Collision is fit for the future

At Royal Auto Collision, cars are treated as they should be—like kings and queens. The familyowned facility has been serving Mississauga, Ontario-area customers with the signature Royal treatment for the last 10 years.

The Ayoub family, spearheaded by Sam, president of Royal Auto Collision, and Ferial, CEO, invited Collision Repair magazine to their castle for an up-close look at the well-oiled Royal machine. Sam has spent more than 25 years in the automotive collision business, continuing a 70+ year legacy in his family.

With Royal Auto Collision, the Ayoub family has constructed a “one-stop-shop” for autobody repair, paint and mechanics. “We are truly a full-service spot for all aspects of auto repair in the Mississauga area,” says Sam.

Cars repaired at Royal are always fixed to the highest industry standard, assure the Ayoubs. Customers leave Royal with peace of mind, knowing their car was repaired to OEM standards with original parts. Plus, each car is meticulously disassembled at the start of the repair process to ensure not a speck of damage goes undetected.

Work moves in a straight line, through the shop like an assembly line, as opposed to a circular work path. Cars start at the back of the production floor and move toward the front of the building, processing through departments all the way to completion.

Customer service manager Richard Barnes says this method has maximized efficiency and flow; the Royal team pushes through an average of 40 cars per week.

The facility is currently certified with both Tesla and General Motors. On any stroll through Royal Auto Collision’s two-building campus, you are certain to run into more than a few electric vehicles.

“Electric vehicles make up about 30 percent of our work mix,” Ferial told Collision Repair.

To meet Tesla certification, one technician per department must be trained and prove their knowledge according to the OEM’s repair procedures. Eight of Royal’s technicians have completed the certification, and Richard says the team is confident in their ability to work with EVs—something few can say, even in 2023.

“Once [our staff] did the training, we were able to see which EVs are similar,” he said. “They took the time to learn, and it’s clearly paid off.”

Richard says Royal is the only Tesla- certified shop in Peel Region, despite the popularity of EVs in the region. Peel authorities say zero-emissions vehicle registrations jumped 40 percent between April 2021 and February 2022. As of February 2022, Peel Region claimed to have more than 8,000 zero-emissions vehicles registered.

The Ayoubs have invested significant time, energy and resources to outfit their business for the future. They have armed their team with state-of-the-art repair tools like the Celette frame machine, which lives in the facility’s dedicated aluminum room alongside a Eurovac aluminum sanding system; they own a Chief 3D measuring system; two Saima spray booths with tall ceilings and much, much more. Plus, Royal Auto Collision staff are trained in plenty of modern repair techniques and are able to perform on a variety of welders, including GT squeezetype resistance welders, aluminum welders and MIG/MAG units.

For more information about Royal Auto Collision, visit royalautocollision.ca or call 905-282-1622.


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