Remley, Burnaby Auto Body

Meet Remley—this issue’s featured Pet of the Bodyshop. A 16-yearold border collie-lab mix, Remley has held a variety of roles since joining the team at Burnaby Auto Body, from estimator to shop manager, emotional support rep, model and more. 

Brian Borsoff, Remley’s dad and owner of Burnaby Auto Body, says that one of Remley’s most important jobs is mailman patrol. When someone receives mail, Remley picks it up and delivers it straight to the recipient’s feet. 

Remley is also an excellent estimator; he helps Brian with his estimates and abides by the motto, “four eyes are better than two.” He’s highly skilled at engaging the customer, helping ease their stress post-accident (he even gives hugs), and takes great pride in helping his dad sniff out damages. 

When Remley isn’t in the shop, you might catch him volunteering at the Port Moody hospice, or in daycare catching up with his dog pals. Thursdays, though, are Remley’s designated off day, when he can be found just being a dog at home with his grandma. No customers, no phone calls—just fetch, treats and a whole lot of relaxing. 

Remley is also quite the philanthropist, and has helped his family provide $6,000 worth of pet oxygen masks for different fire departments, saving the lives of countless dogs and cats. Join Collision Repair magazine in celebrating this month’s Pet of the Bodyshop, Remley of Burnaby Auto Body!

Do you have a hardworking furry friend that comes to work with you? Send us a picture of your shop pet with their name and their “role” in your shop for a chance to be featured in the magazine. Scan the QR code or visit www.collisionrepairmag.com/pet-profile-submissions/


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