More than a partner—a collaborator in solutions

Rexall Solutions was founded by Ryan Rahbar, who also serves as president of the company. Originally, the company focussed on manufacturing and distributing chemicals for research and Government labs in Canada but has since transitioned to offer a world of specialized solutions for a variety of industries.

“Rexall doesn’t just sell products, it provides solutions”—and has done so since the company’s origin in 2010. In 2012, Rexall’s team used their good manufacturing practice and their knowledge of high purity chemicals to expand its offerings to industrial sectors and in 2016 Rahbar moved its manufacturing facility to Ontario. In 2017, Rexall launched their Autobody refinishes line. Today, it caters to clients in four categories: Labs & Research, Industrial, Autobody Refinishing, and Aerosols.

“We stand behind the quality of our products, and We never leave our clients hanging,” stresses Rahbar. “Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified, we are transparent with our clients, and we look at any issue as an opportunity to improve our way of manufacturing.

Ryan Rahbar drives the company focus on producing quality products and customer service. “We are heavily investing in lean, advanced manufacturing every year,” Rahbar says. Currently, Rexall offers product development, private labeling, toll blending, and costume packaging over 190 different solvents bland. Rexall is capable of packaging 18640 Gallons, 2016 Pails, and 240 Drums per day.

Everyone is experiencing significant stress in these times, and we want to be there to support our partners, by providing low-cost, high-quality products. In late 2020, Rexall established an alliance with Caruk and Associates who provide national sales representation and technical field support. Caruk and Associates have 35 years of sales history representing major brands in the Automotive aftermarket and were a perfect fit for Rexall’s ambitions. Together Rexall and Caruk have been rapidly growing sales in the Collision and Automotive Sector.

“With Rexall Solutions, you have more than a supplier; we’re like your partner manufacturer ready to serve your needs.” — Ryan Rahbar, founder/CEO, Rexall Solutions


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