Three Days Grace: B.C. woman discovers nude squatter in trunk

Nanaimo, British Columbia — We find crazy things in customers’ trunks all the time: stray pieces of clothing, lost grocery items that have been left to decay in some deep-down crevice, childrens’ toys that are returned to their owners with a gleeful shriek.

Few can say they’ve ever found a person⁠ in a trunk. 

Red Seal diesel mechanic Bethany Coker was first left confused when she noticed mud on the interior of her vehicle. She thought somebody had broken in, left their dirty tracks and ran off with some loose change⁠—but it wasn’t until three days later she confirmed the real culprit.

She first noticed the mud Saturday, but as she prepared to leave for work three days later on Tuesday⁠, a nervous voice piped up from the back seat with a whispered, “hey.” 

The man was also naked⁠—confirmed when Coker asked, “Why are you in my trunk and why are you naked?” To which the stowaway responded, “Yeah.”

He claimed his nakedness to be a “rite of passage” and that he was the “son of the pope” while Coker filmed from the front seat.  

In the clip posted to TikTok, police arrive at the scene and the man calmly negotiates with a single leg hanging slack from the trunk. 

The individual was taken to Nanaimo Regional General hospital for assessment. Police say he is unlikely to receive any charges given the nonviolent nature of the incident. 

“I can tell you, in my whole career, I’ve never come across anything like it,” one officer tells Coker in the clip.

The moral of the story: check your car trunk before bed. You never know what’s in there.



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