The Grandest Opening: Florida bodyshop owner wins lottery on first day of business

Jacksonville, Florida — Any business owner looks back on the day they opened their doors as one of the proudest days of their career. Festivities stationed around the building; friends, family and congratulations filtering through–not to mention the feeling of extreme pride. If they set the stage right, they’ll feel like they’ve won the lottery.

But did you literally win the lottery?

Brian Woodle and his wife did.  The same day the couple opened their auto repair business in Callahan, Florida, Woodle purchased his $5 Gold Rush Supreme scratch-off ticket from a Circle K. He won US$1 million.

“It’s always been my dream to own my own repair shop,” said Woodle in a news release issued by Florida Lottery. “At the end of our first day, I stopped by Circle K to get a few things and picked up a lottery ticket. Just like that, we won a million bucks!”

Woodle selected to receive a one-time, lump-sum payment of US$880,000, said Florida Lottery. As for Woodle’s business, he has no plans to close up shop.


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