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Among repairers, there is no data debate when it comes to the Your Data. Your Choice movement: a recent survey conducted by Collision Repair indicates more than 90 percent of Canada’s collision community are concerned about accessing vehicle data in the future.

When it comes down to who should have access to vehicle data, 78.4 percent believe OEMs should have access, while 86.5 percent believe auto repair technicians should have the same opportunities.

While the vast majority of Canada’s collision repairer community seem to believe in the right to fight for the Your Data. Your Choice movement, others—while far fewer—are not as convinced.

One reader said collision repairers should not have access to the systems nor vehicle data information—because “collision repairers are not mechanics.” “Collision repairers should not have uninhibited access to the systems and the information,” they continued. “Do you want to give open access to the most highly advanced highly technological systems with the highest volume on our roads to anyone and everyone? That makes no sense.” Another anonymous respondent answered their question perfectly.

“If vehicles are to be repaired to manufacturers qualifications as automakers suggest, collision repair facilities must have access to this data in order to repair the vehicle to quality standards.”

Other collision community members are far more indifferent, making but one small request to OEMs.

“If it’s my data, I should be able to see it.”

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