Terlep’s Tips: ADAS verification test drives not to be skipped out on, Frank Terlep says

Toronto, Ontario — Friends don’t let friends drive vehicles that don’t have proof of a proper ADAS calibration—it may not be as catchy a tagline as the drinking and driving one, but it’s a valid point brought forward by Frank Terlep from AutoTechcelerators in a recent instructional video.

According to Terlep, many repair facilities do not perform ADAS safety system verification test drives because are not reimbursed for the work. He argues that these tests should be managed and documented just like any other repair process

Over the span of the short video, Terlep laid out the three most important reasons why test drives must be performed and documented following a calibration procedure.

  1. Post repair/calibration ADAS safety system verification testing requires specific speeds, times and mileage as well as visual, audible and vehicle response validations. Without documentation how does the shop owner, manager, customer, and potentially a jury, know a vehicle was properly test-driven? 
  2. From a safety and liability perspective, ADAS safety systems must operate as designed prior to delivering a repaired/calibrated vehicle to a consumer…The only way to accomplish this is through a properly performed and documented test drive! 
  3. I-CAR recommends post-repair/calibration test drives and documentation in its ADAS post-repair testing training.

The full video from AutoTechcelerators can be found here.


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