Electric Environmentalism: only zero-emission vehicles for sale by 2035, Quebec

Valcourt, Quebec — On Jan. 26, the Government of Quebec proposed a revision to the zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) standard, aiming to reach 100 per cent ZEV sales by 2035.

These proposals include adjusting the formula for credits generated per motor vehicle, reducing credits generated by reconditioned vehicles and adjust financial penalties for manufacturers who cannot meet their credit requirement. It also gradually lowers the percentage of credits manufacturers may carry over.

If passed, this proposal will only allow ZEV sales in Quebec after 2035 and eliminate the use of carry-over credits by 2033.

Since 2018, Quebec’s ZEV standard requires manufacturers to earn credits by selling or leasing ZEV vehicles in the Quebec market, with credit requirements based on the number of vehicles sold or leased. Up to 25 per cent of excess credits may be carried over to meet future credit requirements.

Proposals are open to public consultation until Mar. 12 and can be read here.


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