Sliding into the Season: CAA Manitoba issues winter driving warning for motorists

Winnipeg, Manitoba — Winter is already well on its way for most of Canada and CAA Manitoba is reminding drivers to get their vehicles winter-ready before the snow first hits. “It’s time to prepare your vehicle by installing winter tires and getting your battery checked by a professional,” said manager of government and community relations […]

Subaru Speedway: Subaru WRX most ticketed car in U.S. for speeding

Toronto, Ontario — A new study shows that when Subaru drivers aren’t busy talking about owning a Subaru, they can almost just as often be found pulled over by a cop for speeding in their Subaru. The Subaru WRX has been named the vehicle with the most speeding tickets in the United States for the […]

Saskatchewan distracted driving initiative results in 711 offences

Distracted driving is the leading cause of all traffic collisions.

 By CRM Staff   Regina, Saskatchewan — May 1, 2018 — During the month of March, the Saskatchewan police force embarked on another Traffic Safety Spotlight to catch distracted drivers in the act.    Tactics police used included travelling in unmarked vehicles, standing plain-clothed on sidewalks and observing traffic flow from elevated vantage points. The […]

SGI focuses on school zone safety in September

SGI logo.

Regina, Saskatchewan — September 4, 2016 — With classes back in session, Saskatchewan General Insurance (SGI) is putting the spotlight on school zone safety.   Police will be watching for traffic violations in and around school zones, including motorists speeding, driving distracted, failing to obey stop signs or yield signs, failing to yield for pedestrians, […]

SGI puts the focus on commercial vehicles in August

SGI logo.

Regina, Saskatchewan — August 2, 2016 — Every accident carries an element of danger, but it seems likely that collisions involving commercial vehicles have an even higher chance of serious injury or fatality. According to a statement from Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), there were 1,517 collisions involving commercial vehicles in the province in 2014. A […]