Safer Shoulders: Alberta amends Traffic Safety Act to better protect roadside workers

Edmonton, Alberta — A new amendment to Alberta’s Traffic Safety Act will require drivers to slow down to at least 60 kilometres an hour when passing stopped roadside worker vehicles with flashing lights. The updated Bill 5 aims to cover roadside maintenance workers and snowplow operators with protection under the Traffic Safety Act; similar to […]

Dishonourable Discharge: ICBC no longer insuring decommissioned military vehicles

Vancouver, British Columbia — What was once an unconventional hobby that brought a community together is now a collection of “expensive paperweights”, says West Vancouver’s Mark Fleming, an active Canadian Forces reservist whose collection of decommissioned military vehicles became uninsurable overnight. Fleming collects and rents disused military vehicles, like WWII-era U.S. Jeeps and Soviet tanks, […]

App Awareness: Onboard vehicle tech becoming a safety issue, advocates say

Toronto, Ontario — Onboard vehicle technologies come hand-in-hand with new vehicle purchases nowadays, but that doesn’t necessarily mean vehicles are becoming safer, advocates say. In fact, CAA is soon planning to launch a public awareness campaign aimed at informing drivers of the risks of distracted driving, with a focus on infotainment systems. “This is a […]

Focus Features: Mitsubishi debuts driver alertness technology at CES 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada — Mitsubishi unveiled a new piece of ADAS technology at CES 2022 this week that is sure to grab drivers’ attention—because that’s exactly what it’s designed to do. The OEM says its new DMS (Driver Monitoring System)  will be able to sense a driver’s heart rate and responsiveness and an alarm if alertness […]

Junk Trunk: Tesla 2017-2020 Model 3’s recalled for trunk harness issue

Toronto, Ontario — A gentler touch may be in order as a recent recall issued by Transport Canada and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) alleges that wear on Tesla Model 3’s trunk harness can lead the rearview camera to fail. The NHTSA estimates 356,309 vehicles (35,342 in Canada, according to Transport Canada) to […]

Game Over: Tesla disables Passenger Play feature while in motion

Toronto, Ontario — No more gaming on the go for Tesla drivers as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that the EV automaker has disabled the ability to play video games while vehicles are in motion. The NHTSA announced on Wednesday that it had opened a formal safety investigation to look into 580,000 […]

Like a Glove: Dump truck wedged vertically under Ottawa overpass on Wednesday

Ottawa, Ontario — A dump truck driver did a pretty big oopsy on Highway 417 near Ottawa on Wednesday, somehow getting themselves wedged vertically under an overpass and baffling bypassers in the process. Ottawa’s OPP detachment was called to the scene near the Vanier Parkway on Wednesday morning to discover a dump truck in a […]