Sliding into the Season: CAA Manitoba issues winter driving warning for motorists

Winnipeg, Manitoba — Winter is already well on its way for most of Canada and CAA Manitoba is reminding drivers to get their vehicles winter-ready before the snow first hits.

“It’s time to prepare your vehicle by installing winter tires and getting your battery checked by a professional,” said manager of government and community relations at CAA MB Heather Mack. 

“We are encouraging motorists to be winter wise and plan ahead for heavy snowfalls, slippery road conditions and frigid temperatures before they happen.”

When temperatures fall consistently below 7 degrees celsius, that means it’s time to switch out for winter tires to ensure proper stability and traction throughout the winter.

“Compared to all-season tires, winter tires stay flexible in cold temperatures—whether or not there’s snow on the ground—giving you better traction,” said Mack. 

“This may reduce your stopping distance by a few feet which can be the reason for preventing a collision.”

Finally, CAA recommends checking on your vehicle’s battery when you can as they tend to lose power in colder weather.

“Even a fully charged battery can lose power when the temperature dips below zero degrees celsius,” said Mack. 

“It’s important to have your car battery tested in the fall to ensure it’s ready for the winter.”


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