Geofence Gameplan: Ford engineers in Calif. and Germany testing geofencing tech

Toronto, Ontario — A joint project between Ford engineers in California and Germany is currently in the midst of trials for a geofencing technology that the OEM boasts “could one day do away with the need for speed limit signs completely.” What Ford is calling the Geofencing Speed Limit Control system is purported to make […]

Baby Autobahn: Ontario raises speed limits to 110km/h on six highways

Toronto, Ontario — Ontario is kicking its highways up a notch—very slightly—announcing a permanent 10km/h speed limit increase to a number of 400-series highways on Tuesday. The changes come following a 2019 pilot project that boosted speed limits in certain sections of Ontario’s highway system and will be made permanent as of April 22. The […]

Setting Limits: Université du Québec releases report on reduced speed limits and collisions

Montreal, Quebec — The Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) has released a study assessing the risk factors associated with speed limit reductions in the province of Quebec. The Université du Québec’s research arm published their findings on Tuesday, reporting a projected downward trend in collisions when observed under reduced-speed conditions. According to the […]