Baby Autobahn: Ontario raises speed limits to 110km/h on six highways

Toronto, Ontario — Ontario is kicking its highways up a notch—very slightly—announcing a permanent 10km/h speed limit increase to a number of 400-series highways on Tuesday.

The changes come following a 2019 pilot project that boosted speed limits in certain sections of Ontario’s highway system and will be made permanent as of April 22.

The limit increases will affect the Queen Elizabeth Way from Hamilton to St. Catharines; Highway 402 from London to Sarnia; Highway 417 from Ottawa to the Quebec border, as well as from the Kanata area to Arnprior; Highway 401 from Windsor to Tilbury; and Highway 404 from Newmarket to Woodbine.

According to the Ontario government, a 2019 poll found that 80 percent of respondents voiced support for the pilot project.

Ontario is also announcing two new areas for a 110-kilometre-an-hour speed limit on a trial basis, on Highway 400 from MacTier to Nobel, and Highway 11 from Emsdale to South River.

The government says that the six 110km/h highways have been recorded to have comparable speed and collision trends to 100km/h highways.


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