Can You Believe This?! June 11, 2021

Toronto, Ontario — This week, see what happens when Alberta’s worst drivers encounter round-abouts, tree-pulling techniques for truck modifications, CatDog cartoon-inspired restorations and much, much more!

Friday Fun – August 31, 2018

By CRM Staff Toronto, Ontario — August 31, 2018 — In this week’s Friday Fun, we have an aggressive incident of road rage on Highway 404 in Toronto, an autonomous Jaguar Land Rover with virtual eyes and the long lost tour van of a famous rock band has been found. An aggressive and unusual occurrence of road […]

Canadian drivers aren’t as polite as we think

A new survey from Kanetix shows we're not as polite behind the wheel as we think we are.

Toronto, Ontario — July 6, 2015 — Canadians are often stereotyped as polite. It turns out that reputation for politeness extends to our behaviour behind the wheel … or so we seem to think. A recent Kanetix.ca survey found that most Canadians think highly of their driving etiquette, but further survey results show they may […]