Friday Fun – August 31, 2018

By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario — August 31, 2018 — In this week’s Friday Fun, we have an aggressive incident of road rage on Highway 404 in Toronto, an autonomous Jaguar Land Rover with virtual eyes and the long lost tour van of a famous rock band has been found.

An aggressive and unusual occurrence of road rage on Highway 404 yesterday in Toronto may have gone a bit too far. The incident which almost looked like a scene from Mission Impossible was caught on a dash cam. It captured a man dangling on the hood of someone else’s car for about 500 meters before the driver decided to hit the brakes. The big question is how did someone get to that point? CBC News interviewed the man that was caught on the vehicle hood, Dave Yeomans, in which he said it all started when he refused to let the other driver merge in front of him. So, the other driver began his road rage by verbally telling him off, and then both cars came to a stop. Yeomans said the driver went as far as getting out of his vehicle and throwing a tool box at him. The driver then proceeded to get back in his car so Yeomans got out his vehicle to go take a photo of his license plate when the other driver decided to speed towards him. As a first reaction Yeomans clinged onto the hood of his car to avoid getting hit. The Ontario Provincial Police are searching for the other driver who will face multiple charges.


A self-driving Jaguar Land Rover wants people to feel safe with it’s virtual eyes. Jaguar has invented these animated looking eyes on the front of their self-driving Land Rover to assure people that are crossing the road that this vehicle isn’t going to ram them over. These virtual eyes on the vehicle are seen as a solution to building that trust with pedestrians on the road with autonomous vehicles. Although, these eyes are seen as a solution to a safety issue they might come across creepy to other people.


The first salvia screening roadside test has been approved by the federal government in Canada. The Drager DrugTest 5000 is the first saliva screening equipment that will be used by law enforcement to test for THC in driver’s systems. The equipment is now going to be available for police forces all across the country.


Aerosmith’s first tour van was found this week in Chesterfield, Massachusetts. The abandoned tour van was from 1964 and is now found decades later deep in the woods. Former Aerosmith guitarist Ray Tabano confirmed that was the van.  “It certainly looks like it. Oh, my goodness gracious,” Tabano said when he was reunited with the vehicle. “I’m afraid to say how long it is, but it’s been like 40 years since we were in this thing. It was like a touring hotel… This is definitely the van. You found it,” he told People magazine. It is unknown at this time as to how the van ended up there but it was sold for $25,000.


Meanwhile in the Hollywood scene Ironman otherwise known as Robert Downey Jr. had given Chris Evans, the famous actor that plays Captain America – a Captain America-Themed Camaro. Downey Jr. had the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro custom made to fit the Captain America theme. Evan’s new ride appeared on this week’s episode of Jay Leno’s Garage. The outside of the Camaro isn’t decorated with an American flag but the inside is elegant and has subtle adjustments that fit the Marvel character. For instance, the steering wheel has Captain America’s iconic shield, and there is also a custom nameplate inside the car that features Evan’s
name on it.



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