I’m Walkin’ Here!: Study shows pacific northwest drivers have grown bolder with the car horn

Seattle, Washington — Beep beep. BEEP! Did that get your attention? PEMCO Mutual Insurance just released the results of their recent poll showing that drivers in the American pacific northwest have grown bolder with their honking in traffic.

According to the results from the U.S.-based auto insurer, today, nearly two-thirds of drivers (65 percent) think it’s at least somewhat appropriate to honk at fellow motorists. In 2017, just 49 percent of drivers said the same

“Whether it’s increased frustration from traffic, more residents moving here from honk-prone regions or just a natural shift in how we behave behind the wheel, we were surprised to see such a significant jump in how northwest drivers feel about horn honking,” said PEMCO spokesperson Derek Wing. 

“In my personal experience, as a native east coaster, I’ve had to learn to lay off the horn since becoming a pacific northwest resident. But perhaps a more east coast vibe is catching on here as we welcome more transplants to the area.”

Perhaps the most endearing detail of the whole study; the fact that 48 percent of drivers respond to honking with a wave or “gesture of thanks”, according to PEMCO’s press release.

The study found that the main reason people honk at each other in the pacific northwest is to alert their fellow drivers to danger on the road, as well as to gain the attention of drivers who appear distracted.

“Though it can be a source of frustration for many, utilizing your car’s horn appropriately can save you or someone else on the road from an accident,” said Wing.

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