Price for Progress: CCC report lays out EV repair costs, post-crash drivability

Toronto, Ontario — According to a new report from CCC Intelligent Solutions, drivers aren’t the only ones putting up big bucks for electric vehicles as the report showed that the average EV repair is 3 percent more expensive than on an ICE.

It was also found that replacement parts are generally more expensive on EVs than gasoline vehicles, with replacement parts accounting for 40.2 percent of repair costs for electric vehicles, compared to 37.5 percent for gasoline cars.

However, CCC industry analyst Susanna Gotsch pointed out that EVs are more likely to be driveable following a collision than a gasoline vehicles.

In fact, according to CCC’s data, the non-driveable share of accidents was 21.9 percent for gasoline cars versus 18 percent for EVs.

“In many ways EVs are the poster child for growing vehicle complexity, with vehicle repairs requiring more time spent by technicians performing scans and calibrations and researching repair methods,” said an excerpt of the report.

According to Gotsch, the purpose of the report was to answer one of the most common questions she receives from shop owners.

“As a body shop owner, you are saying ‘when am I going to see these kinds of cars in my shop and when should I make those investments?’”

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