Progressing ProgiSync: Progi launches two new features; designed to promote OEM certifications, ensure repair centre reliability

Toronto, Ontario – Progi continues to progress–the software company recently revealed upgrades to its appointment management software, ProgiSync for the purpose of promoting OEM certification. In its Sept. 8 press release, Progi highlighted how, for collision shops, the process of acquiring and maintaining certifications is one that “requires considerable and sustained investment,” and “which must […]

Progress for Progi: Progi expands car auction platform to all licensed Canadian buyers

Toronto, Ontario — Progi announced last Thursday that going forward, Quebec vehicles sold on the ProgiPix car auction platform will be made available to all buyers with a Canadian operating license. The Quebec-based company is opening the floodgates to all accredited auto recyclers operating in Canada with this news, which operations director Frederic Miceli says […]

Charles in Charge: Progi appoints Charles Aubry major account manager of auto paint

Trois-Rivières, Québec — Québec-based automotive IT firm, Progi, is pleased to announce that Charles Aubry has been appointed to the position of major account manager for automotive paint companies in Canada and abroad, according to a press release from last week. Having only joined the team at Progi three years ago, Aubry quickly climbed the […]

Perceive and achieve – Solve your capacity-planning conundrum with ProgiPlanning

BY JULIA LLOYD AND ALLISON ROGERS Running a well-oiled collision centre can be challenging—but Progi has a solution. Last week, Charles Aubry, account manager at Progi took the CCIF virtual stage to discuss how the ProgiPlanning software, combined with a capacity planning mindset, can help collision repair facilities establish a capacity-planning ecosystem. ProgiPlanning is more […]

CarrXpert invests in new technology to promote customer feedback

CarrXpert will be using the ProgiSync Feedback program to encourage customers to share their experiences in dealing with the company moving forward.

Trois-Riviéres, Quebec — September 29, 2016 — Quebec-based collision repair network CarrXpert recently revealed it has invested in some new, cutting-edge software in an attempt to make it easier for customers to provide feedback on their experiences dealing with the company. Doing away with the old paper survey system that was previously used at all […]