Plastic Palooza: Polyvance celebrates its 40th anniversary

Toronto, Ontario — Polyvance, a collision repair company specializing in plastic repair is celebrating its 40th anniversary this week.  The company was founded as Urethane Supply Company by Jim Sparks in 1981. Sparks created the airless plastic welder to help bumper recyclers repair the urethane bumpers covers that were common at the time.  Before Sparks’s […]

Report: Future of lightweighting may mean more plastic

Automakers continue to push ahead with lightweighting strategies to meet 2025 CAFE standards, even as the political climate in the US puts the future of those standards in doubt.

Wilmington, Delaware — September 4, 2017 — Plastic may be on its way up and multi-material construction may be less popular in the future, according to a survey conducted by Ward’s Auto. The seventh annual Ward’s Automotive Trends survey suggests that automakers are moving forward with numerous strategies to reduce vehicle weights and improve fuel […]

New 6066 Nitrocell generates continuous flow of nitrogen

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Rainsville, Alabama — February 21, 2016 — Urethane Supply Company’s new 6066 Nitrocell nitrogen generator. The Nitrocell extracts nitrogen from the shop’s compressed air supply continuously, so running out of nitrogen should be a thing of the past. Using lightweight membrane technology, the Nitrocell makes a continuous flow of nitrogen of greater than 97 percent […]

Urethane Supply Company launches Hot Spot cordless plastic stapler

The new "Hot Spot" from Urethane Supply Company.

Rainsville, Alabama — February 8, 2016 — Urethane Supply Company has launched the new 6203 “Hot Spot” cordless rechargeable plastic stapler. According to the company, the Hot Spot is perfect for holding broken headlight tabs and bumper tears in position while making plastic weld repairs.   The Hot Spot stapler includes a wide variety of […]

Urethane Supply Company launches Bumpersmith 2.0

The new Bumpersmith 2.0 from Urethane Supply Company combines a nitrogen plastic welder with a fold-out workstation.

Rainsville, Alabama — February 2, 2016 — Urethane Supply Company has launched the new 6071 Bumpersmith 2.0. The new system offers a nitrogen plastic welding system combined with a fold-out bumper workstation. According to Urethane Supply Company, this allows the technician to hold the bumper in just about any position for easy repair work. The creation […]