Urethane Supply Company launches Hot Spot cordless plastic stapler

The new "Hot Spot" from Urethane Supply Company.
Rainsville, Alabama — February 8, 2016 — Urethane Supply Company has launched the new 6203 “Hot Spot” cordless rechargeable plastic stapler. According to the company, the Hot Spot is perfect for holding broken headlight tabs and bumper tears in position while making plastic weld repairs.
The Hot Spot stapler includes a wide variety of specialty staples, allowing the user to strengthen virtually any type of thermoplastic repair, from inside and outside corners to narrow mounting tabs. 
The DC rechargeable battery allows use of up to 700 staples on a single charge. Staples can be inserted in the tip in three positions (straight, 90-degrees and 45-degrees) and it has a bright LED light for illumination of the work area. The unit also features one-button operation. The operator simply pushes twice in sequence until theindicator glows red. 
The 6203 Hot Spot stapler includes 20 each of six different types of staples, battery charger, and storage case with a one-year limited warranty. 
For more information, please visit urethanesupply.com.

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