New 6066 Nitrocell generates continuous flow of nitrogen

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Rainsville, Alabama — February 21, 2016 — Urethane Supply Company’s new 6066 Nitrocell nitrogen generator. The Nitrocell extracts nitrogen from the shop’s compressed air supply continuously, so running out of nitrogen should be a thing of the past.

Using lightweight membrane technology, the Nitrocell makes a continuous flow of nitrogen of greater than 97 percent purity at 20 litres per minute maximum, which the company says makes it perfect for running any of Urethane Supply’s nitrogen plastic welders.

The 6066 Nitrocell is completely enclosed in a powder-coated metal cabinet. It has a three-stage internal filtration system to help ensure that no contamination gets through to the membrane. There are no moving parts or electrical service required. Simply hook up compressed air and nitrogen flows continuously. The unit weighs just 36 lbs.

For more information, please visit urethanesupply.com.


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