Two for Two: Tesla Model S catches fire after three weeks in salvage yard

California, United States – In the latest oddity surrounding a Tesla vehicle catching on fire, a White Tesla Model S in a California salvage yard seemed to spontaneously burst into flames. The vehicle, having been wrecked three weeks earlier, suddenly erupted into flames despite its inactivity. The car was covered in flames when firefighters arrived. […]

Power Saving Mode: Chevrolet Bolt update limits range to curb fire risk

Toronto, Ontario — Drivers of the 2019 Chevrolet Bolt will have their full parking privileges back “in the coming weeks” as General Motors announced that a new software update is expected to significantly reduce fire risk in the vehicle. A spokesperson from GM said that the update will limit the maximum state of charge for […]

The Burning Questions: U.S. report says first responders not equipped to combat EV fires, fires could reignite up to 24 hours post-collision

Washington, D.C. ⁠— A national investigation in the United States has revealed that first responders remain undertrained to combat electric vehicle fires, according to an ABC News affiliate.  In a survey of U.S. fire departments, 31 percent admitted they had ‘no hybrid electric/electric vehicle incident training,’ while 72 percent said the lack of awareness on […]