Power Saving Mode: Chevrolet Bolt update limits range to curb fire risk

Toronto, Ontario — Drivers of the 2019 Chevrolet Bolt will have their full parking privileges back “in the coming weeks” as General Motors announced that a new software update is expected to significantly reduce fire risk in the vehicle.

A spokesperson from GM said that the update will limit the maximum state of charge for 2019 Bolts to 80 percent, reducing the overall range but eliminating the need to park outdoors and away from other vehicles in parking lots.

Owners of 2019 Bolts who have not yet received replacement battery modules should schedule a service appointment with their dealer as soon as possible to install this software, GM said.

As well, owners of other model-year Bolts will receive a letter from GM when the software is available for their vehicles. GM advises them to follow its previously issued guidance in the meantime.

In August, GM expanded the original 2017-2019 Bolt recall to include the most recent model years which have also suffered from battery issues.

The automaker plans to run separate diagnostic software on 2020-22 Bolts to determine whether modules need to be replaced. That software is not yet available.


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