Who Goofed the Gas: Southern Alberta gas station mixes up gas and diesel

Langdon, Alberta — This week, some drivers in Alberta were met with not-so-nice surprise after a gas station served them diesel, instead of what they were expecting: gas. Gas Plus in Langdon, Alberta, told CBC News on Thursday that their diesel and gas tanks were accidentally filled with the wrong fuel for three days straight. […]

Canadian Cars Wanted: More Canadian used vehicles going to U.S. amid shortages

Toronto, Ontario — Since early April, U.S. car dealers have been buying used cars from Canada to combat microchip shortages. However, over the last few months, the U.S. has been gobbling up even more of Canada’s inventory, according to new data from J.D. Power and ALS. “Everything seems to be in high demand,” Jonathan Banks, […]

Fewer Fees: Manitoba commits to reducing vehicle registration fees

Winnipeg, Manitoba — The Manitoba government says it will be reducing vehicle registration fees on July 1, for the second year in a row, Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler announced on Thursday. “As part of our government’s Budget 2021 announcement, we’ve committed to protecting Manitobans’ income by reducing vehicle registration fees by a further 10 per […]

Ford announces new standard safety features

Ford’s Co-Pilot360 infographic.

By CRM Staff   Dearborn, Michigan — March 21, 2018 — In a recent press release Ford has announced that by 2020 all of its vehicles will come equipped with an advanced driver assistance systems package, reports Repairer Driven News.   “Though our vehicles today are safer than ever, drivers tell us they are still […]

Nissan puts Saudi women behind the wheel with surprise instructors

Nissan has released a new video celebrating the change to Saudia Arabia's driving laws.

By CRM Staff   Toronto, Ontario — February 5, 2018 –– Five months after the historic change in Saudi Arabia’s laws finally allowing female citizens to earn drivers licenses, women claim they are still facing reluctance from some of their family members. To help overcome this, Nissan offered a group of aspiring female motorists the chance to […]

CSN holds Regional Meeting in Mississauga

Derek Bennie and Larry French of CSN Collision Centres at the Regional Meeting.

By Josh White Mississauga, Ontario — June 6, 2017 — CSN COLLISION CENTRES recently held its Ontario Regional Meeting in Mississauga. Like other CSN Regional Meetings, many topics were covered regarding CSN’s future, including discussion on insurance relations, marketing, current operations and the use of technology within CSN locations. These regional meetings offer the opportunity […]