Doe-nt do This: BC driver taken into custody for drug, deer possession

Fort St. John, British Columbia — The occupants of a Fort St. John vehicle have been arrested by the RCMP for a several charges including possession of live wildlife, a one-month-old deer fawn, according to the RCMP—and naturally, some drugs. Reportedly, the fawn enjoyed some time with RCMP members before being handed over to Conservation. It […]

Expanding Education: VCC to include fuel cell EVs in auto servicing curriculum

Vancouver, British Columbia — A new acquisition has expanded Vancouver Community College (VCC)’s Automotive Service Technician curriculum to include fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), in addition to EV and fossil fuel vehicle repair and servicing. In an arrangement with Toyota Canada, VCC received a Toyota Mirai, one of the first FCEVs for the Canadian market. […]

Three Days Grace: B.C. woman discovers nude squatter in trunk

Nanaimo, British Columbia — We find crazy things in customers’ trunks all the time: stray pieces of clothing, lost grocery items that have been left to decay in some deep-down crevice, childrens’ toys that are returned to their owners with a gleeful shriek. Few can say they’ve ever found a person⁠ in a trunk.  Red […]