Doe-nt do This: BC driver taken into custody for drug, deer possession

Fort St. John, British Columbia — The occupants of a Fort St. John vehicle have been arrested by the RCMP for a several charges including possession of live wildlife, a one-month-old deer fawn, according to the RCMP—and naturally, some drugs.

Reportedly, the fawn enjoyed some time with RCMP members before being handed over to Conservation. It has since been handed to Rimrock Wildlife Rehab, where it will be reintegrated into the wild.

As fun as raising Bambi sounds, the provincial government of British Columbia forbids the possession of wildlife without a license under the Animal Health Act.

According to the B.C. SPCA, fawns spend most of their time alone, a deliberate strategy to avoid predators. Unless the fawn is injured, constantly crying or following you, its probably best to leave it alone.

The rescued fawn, posing for a selfie. (Chad Neustaeter/Fort St John RCMP)


The investigation is ongoing, both for the drugs seized and a separate investigation by the BC Conservation Office. The Fort St. John RCMP requests that anyone with additional information contact them at 250-787-8100.fort st


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